Engineering Design Services

Foundation — Structural — Support of Excavation
Building Layout — Zoning Analysis — Energy Code Compliance
Mechanical — Electrical — Plumbing
Fire Sprinkler & Standpipe — Cross Connection — Fire Alarm
Site Connection — Private Sewer — Site Drainage
Builder's Pavement Plan — Parks Forestry Plan — Curb Cut
Site Landscaping — Photometric & Lighting
Site Grading — Erosion Control — Site Drainage
Construction Cost Estimation

Inspection & Investigation Services

Controlled, Progress & Special Inspections
Structural Stability Condition Assessment
Retaining Wall Stability Investigation
Fire Escape Examination
Fire Damage Condition Assessment Report

New Building
Alteration I, II & III — Addition
Certificate of Occupancy — Tenancy
Boiler — Equipment Use
Retaining Wall — Fence
Stormwater Retention — Detention
Land Use Board
Violation Removal

Building Department Filings